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Name Features Where to Get
OCEONYX Sand Free Microfiber Beach Towel Brand: OCEANYX

Fabric type: 80% POLYESTER 20% POLYAMIDE

Dimension: 14.7*10.43”

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Hightide Sand Free Quick Dry Microfiber Towel Brand: HIGHTIDE

Fabric type: 80% POLYESTER 20% NYLON

Dimension: 10.51*10.51

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Ocean Microfiber Beach Towel Brand: OCEAN

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 9.84*5.91”

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PLAZENZON Microfiber Towel Brand: PLAZENZON

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 78*35” (X LARGE)

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Cabana Beach Towels – 5 Pack Microfiber Beach Brand: CABANA BEACH TOWELS

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 11.9*10.2”

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Deconovo Multi-Purpose Microfiber Towel Brand: DECONOVO

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 9.69*6.57

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AVAWAVA Microfiber Beach Towel Brand: AVAWAVA

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 78*35” (X LARGE)

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Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel Brand: WILDHORN OUTFIITERS

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 78*35” (X LARGE)

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SUNLAND Microfiber Sports Travel Towel Brand: SUNLAND

Fabric type: 80% POLYESTER 20% POLYAMIDE

Dimension: 20*40”

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BAGAIL Microfiber Camping Towels Brand: BAGAIL

Fabric type: POLYESTER

Dimension: 16*32”

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If you’re in the market for a new towel and you’re still new to microfiber towels then you should seriously consider it especially if you intend to get a towel for outdoors use.

Microfiber material feels different, dries great. It dries at least 4 times faster than a normal cotton towel! The soft feel of microfiber towels is something you will love.

What exactly is a microfiber towel? Simply put, it’s a piece of cloth made of polyamide, polyester, or a combination of these fabrics. Each fiber used in the towel is smaller than a single silk strand (a single silk strand is one-fifth of the average human hair. Microfiber is basically ultra-fine manufactured fibers. They weigh less than 0.1 denier.

There are basically four types of microfibers being mass produced. They are:






Overall, a microfiber towel’s main advantages its ability to absorb tons of water, stay soft to the touch and prevent abrasions, and remain durable after repeated use.

Many microfiber manufactures claim their yarn can absorb 7 to 8 times its weight in water- this gives microfiber its edge over cotton.


What to Look for in a Microfiber Towel

There are several features you can consider in a microfiber towel, including:

  1. Towel density

This simply means how effectively the towel will absorb water. is key.


  1. Pile height:

Microfiber towels can come in short, medium, and long pile heights. Shorter piles are more all-purpose and rigid. While the long-pile towels are soft and plush.

  1. Material ratio:

As previously mentioned, microfiber towels are usually a combination of polyester and polyamide. The best microfiber towels are at least 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This combination makes the towel super soft while still absorbent. Towels that have a higher amount of polyamide may be more absorbent but less soft. Finally, a super high polyester towel may produce more lint. A 70% 30% or 80% 20% blend is not bad.

  1. Texture:

Not all microfiber towels have the same texture. Some are waffle weave, while others are suede smooth. Waffle weave towels are more absorbent and better to use when drying, while suede smooth ones are better for polishing.


Let’s delve into the buying guide of the best microfiber towel now.


  1. OCEONYX Sand Free Microfiber Beach Towel

The Oceanyx microfiber towel is a must have for travel, beach, sport, outdoors, yoga, gym, festivals, picnics, camping and much more. Repels sand, dirt and dust.

It dries 3 x faster than a traditional towel and absorbs more than 1L of water. Hanging loop for easy storage and quick drying. No more smelly, soggy, towels in your car, bag or laundry.

Fits easily into your backpack, beach bag or the FREE water-resistant drawstring bag provided. Compact when rolled.

Oceanyx includes a FREE microwaste laundry washbag to help stop microplastics polluting our oceans and waterways. With each wash, microplastics from synthetic fabrics get trapped and accumulate in the washbag so they can be disposed of properly. OCEONYX helps you to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. Please use your washbag each time you wash your towel and any other synthetic clothing. Our Marine life and environment thank you!

Pros Cons
Super light  
Doesn’t trap sand  
Works on wet dry sand  

2. Hightide Sand Free Quick Dry Microfiber Towel

Say goodbye to sand filled, bulky, boring beach towels, and say hello to this high performing towel by Hightide.

The Hightide Sand Free Towel features a premium waffle weave microfiber, stylish full color double-sided prints, and an elastic loop that keeps it rolled up tight in your bag.

Because this towel is compact, absorbent, and quick drying, it is a great accessory for beach, yoga, pool, and travel.


Made from 100% recycled materials, primarily plastic bottles transformed into soft polyester fibers.

With 16 cool designs to choose from, kids, teens, women, and men can pick one that is a perfect fit for their style.

Pros Cons
Awesome material A bit stiff
Beautiful pattern on both sides  

3. Ocean Microfiber Beach Towel

Ultra-lightweight and compact, yet oversized. The Ocean microfiber towel is 4 times lighter in weight, folds to a space saving 4 times smaller than a normal cotton towel but it will cover your sunbed when spread out. Ultra-absorbent and quick drying – it will dry you and itself 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel.

This is an easy to wash microfiber towel with no need to iron. Wash at a low temperature and simply hang up to dry by itself or use the snap stud hanging loop – there’s no need to iron, simply fold or roll when dry.

Built around quality and longevity, and no matter what your activity is, you will experience ease and comfort with Ocean’s super soft, sand free, ultra-absorbent, quick drying towels.

Made from a premium quality hi tech polyester blend of microfiber materials making it incredibly soft and smooth and meaning sand won’t stick to it like a normal cotton towel.

Perfect for travel, beach, sports, bath, gym, fitness, yoga, camping, backpacking. Plus it comes with a free travel bag that’s really handy for all your accessories.

Pros Cons
Not bulky  
Soft & suede like  
Sand doesn’t stick  

4. PLAZENZON Microfiber Towel

Searching for an oversized beach towel to travel with your kids, family or friends? Now you found it. 2 size selection – EXTRA LARGE [XL 78×35 inch]; LARGE [L 63×35 inch]. This microfiber towel is large in size but folds up small, 3x more absorbent and dries 3x faster than normal towels, super lightweight and soft to touch.

The PLAZENZON microfiber towel is the ideal quick dry towel for travel, camping. It’s so lightweight and takes up much less space than a traditional towel. They are highly absorbent, sucking the moisture right off your skin!

Plazenzon Microfiber Beach Towels are made of premium & durable microfiber fabric, which features on ultra-lightweight and compact, fast drying, super soft and absorbent. It will bring you a new experience for your Beach Vacation & Travel.

Sand does not stick at all. Shake slightly and the sand will be left at the beach for castles.

Comes with a travel accessory pouch. The extra-large size can cover a whole sun lounger. You can also use it as a shower towel/hair drying towel. No more bulky, damp, wet-towel around your vacation.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Doesn’t absorb much
Soft Doesn’t dry quickly

5. Cabana Beach Towels – 5 Pack Microfiber Beach Towel

The Original Cabana Microfiber Beach Towel Bundle of Five. This bundle contains all five colors from Cabana’s signature stripe collection: Caribbean Blue, Bahamian Pink, Sea Turtle Green, Mocha & Calypso Coral Red.

Extra-large, Quick Drying, Lightweight, Sand Proof, & Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Beach Towels that are surprisingly compact.

These towels have a superb luxury feel designed with vivid and beautiful colors that will turn your pool and beach days into a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Pros Cons
So absorbent Takes time to dry
Sand falls off Dirt doesn’t come off

6. Deconovo Multi-Purpose Microfiber Towel

Deconovo’s multi-functional microfiber towels are perfect as a sports towel, gym towel, bath towel, sweat towel, swim towel, travel towel, camping towel, etc. It is a great companion for your sports life and outdoor activities.


These are super soft, breathable, super absorbent, travel towels crafted with high quality microfiber fabric.

Capable of absorbing water, sweat and other liquids quickly. Will dry 3 times faster than normal cotton towels.

With well-designed re-usable free carry bag, our microfiber sport towel take little space and easy storage which is perfect for gym, sports and other outdoor activities.

Pros Cons

7. AVAWAVA Microfiber Beach Towel

AVAWAVA towels are thoughtfully designed in the USA with 50% more absorbent 300 GSM microfiber so that you can have a Better Family Vacation!

These AVAWAVA Microfiber Travel Towels dry super-fast and are perfect for travel because they are lightweight and pack small! Perfect quick dry beach towel, shammy towel for swimmers, pool towel, camping towel, bath towel, boating towels and ideal for international travel and family vacations!

Its huge size 78″x35″ will fit over your lounger when you want to relax in the sun! Packs down small to fit several towels easily in any bag!

perfect travel beach towel that is super absorbent, quick dry, and sand repellent! Sand will fall right off! A great camping towel too!

Show your style with the beautiful hand drawn designs on both sides of the towel at the beach, boating, camping, at festivals, or at the pool! You’ll get compliments everywhere you go with these quick dry beach towels! Designs are based on positive and healing energies for your vacation!

Pros Cons
Soft Not very large
Dries out quickly  
Sand comes off  

8. Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel

The Akumal beach towel is the ultimate addition to your beach accessories holding 3-4 times its weight in water. This feature gives users the convenience of using the travel towel a lot in a short amount of time.

The Akumal is an oversized beach towel that is 10 in. x 3.5 in. when stowed in your camping or beach bag. And the thin character of microfiber is lightweight, easy to carry, and space-saving so you can spend more time and energy adventuring.

Akumal’s 11 attractive designs provide the large beach towel a style for all adventure-seeking explorers Soft, plush microfiber is gentle and soft on the body including face, hair, and skin. The Akumal microfiber beach towel also comes in several eye-catching custom prints and colors. Making your new beach towel as cool and unique as you are. The Akumal sand free beach towel comes in a mesh pouch to fit the design and convenience of this eye-catching product. The pouch can also be used to store other items like a cellphone and wallet while the towel is in use.

Whether you are traveling the world, on the beach, camping, swimming, or at the gym this quick dry travel towel is made to keep you dry while saving you space as a compact beach towel. The fabric feels kind of like that suede fabric. Can absorb tons of water, and promote rapid evaporation. Just let the cloth erase water slowly and lightly or Only need to cover, do not need to back and forth scrub, and there will be a good effect.

The Akumal towel is ultra-compact & light weight. It’s oversized at a large 78″ x 35″, but compacts into a super portable 10” x 3.5” stow case. You’ll have a lot more room to pack for your day at the beach now that your towel doesn’t take up half your beach bag. The Akumal rolls out big, but packs up super small-so BIG, yet so SMALL


Pros Cons
Soft It flies up with the wind because it is light
Great size  
Dries off quickly  

9. SUNLAND Microfiber Sports Travel Towel

SUNLAND’S light weight and compact microfiber towel makes trips more efficient by saving space. Each towel net weight 2.72oz+9.77oz.

Fast dry towel is designed for multiple uses daily. Ideal for backpacking, travel, boating camping, swimming, sports etc

Soaked up tons of water, dry the body off quickly, and cut down your drying time

Gentle to the skin, very soft, non-sticky feeling than general microfiber

Carry bag only included, towel not packed in carry bag. Only fold the towel it can be enclosed into the bag breezily. Please wash the towels and carry bag separately before first use

Pros Cons
Soaks up water from your body Color comes off
Compact & Lightweight  

10.BAGAIL Microfiber Camping Towels

BAGAIL’s eco-friendly microfiber is produced without harmful additives and hypoallergenic. Ultra-soft and durable for years of use.

This microfiber towel can hold 4 times its weight in water and can dry up to 10 times faster than traditional cotton towels. Forget about horrible gym towel stink!

This towel is made of high-quality material/finishing, the microfiber towels feel soft and comfortable on your skin.

It is made to save the space and to be more useful for traveling, professional sports training, everyday use. Professionals choose it for compact size and small weight. The weight of dry microfiber towel 5x times less than regular towel.

You have 8 size options: 12″x24″ ,16″x32″ ,20″x40″,24″x28″ ,28″x56″ ,32″x64″,36″x72″ ,40″x80″ that work for whatever you need. It also comes with a travel packing bag so if you’re on the go you can still pack it away without everything else in your bag getting wet.

Pros Cons
Soft & durable Zipper has pointed edge
Comes with zipper  
Dries super-fast  


With that we come to the end of the post on microfiber towel. I am sure you are ready to make a good buying decision on acquiring a good microfiber towel.

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