Freshore 6 Wine Bottles Carrier Leather Tote Bag


Picnics make us think of food. To get your food from our kitchen to the picnic venue, you need totes and baskets- casserole totes, cooler totes (I love the space and many pockets of the MOJECTO cooler tote), etc.

Picnics are even more fun in unusual places like in a tree tent or car tent when the sky is clear of clouds and full of stars. The Thule car tent for example is doubly romantic for its ladder that gives the idea of a getaway. Just get your wine in a wine tote and your food or snacks in your basket or Puppynare casserole tote and come away. Let me leave your mind to do the rest.

Speaking of wine totes……

The Freshore wine tote has plenty of storage space. The extra space allows you to change the bag from a bottle of wine to a fashionable travel bag.

It has a comfortable handle. Simply wrap the handle in leather and easily lift the bag full of wine bottles.

The joint of shoulder straps made of metal is used to enhance the bearing capacity and is removable. For a safe and convenient usage, it has a magnetic button.

Space is reserved on both sides of the bag for wine glasses, fruits, and even extra wine bottles.


 Freshore 6 Wine Bottles Carrier Leather Tote Bag


–          Spacious for up to 9 bottles

–          Pocket friendly



–          Cheap zippers



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