Cleaning a TV screen seems easy right? Yes, but you might be wrong if proper care and procedure isn’t followed. We’ve discovered that most modern HDTVs have special coatings on their screens that can be ruined by strong cleaning agent.

So, for this reason, we’ve simply described how you can effectively clean your TV screen without causing any harm.

So, without further ado, Here’s how to clean a TV screen.

Coming up next is a sampling of the admonitions in different proprietor’s manuals from the current year’s HDTVs. Double check your proprietor’s manual, as every TV is somewhat extraordinary, and may require various strategies.

Clean a tv screen

  • LG

Clean just with a dry fabric. When cleaning, unplug the power line and wipe delicately with a delicate fabric to forestall scratching. Try not to shower water or different fluids straightforwardly on the TV as electric stun may happen. Try not to clean with synthetic substances, for example, liquor, thinners, or benzine.

  • Panasonic

The front of the screen panel has been extraordinarily treated. Wipe the board surface tenderly utilizing just a cleaning material or a delicate, build up free fabric. On the off chance that the surface is especially filthy, in the wake of tidying up the residue, douse a delicate, build up free material in weakened, mellow fluid dish cleanser (1 section gentle fluid dish cleanser weakened by multiple times the measure of water), and afterward wring the fabric to eliminate abundance fluid.

Utilize the fabric to wipe the outside of the display board, at that point wipe it uniformly with a dry material of a similar sort until the surface is dry. Try not to scratch or hit the outside of the display board with fingernails or other chard objects. Moreover, stay away from contact with unstable substances, for example, bug showers, solvents, and more slender; in any case, the nature of the surface might be antagonistically influenced.

  • Samsung

The outside and screen of the item can get scratched during cleaning. Make certain to wipe the outside and screen cautiously utilizing the fabric provided or a delicate material to forestall scratches. Try not to shower water straightforwardly onto the item. Any fluid that goes into the item may cause a disappointment, fire, or electric stun. Clean the item with a delicate fabric hosed with a modest quantity of water. Try not to utilize a combustible fluid (for example benzene, thinners) or a cleaning agent.

  • Sony

Wipe the LCD screen tenderly with a delicate fabric. Obstinate messes might be taken off with a fabric somewhat soaked with a solution of gentle cleanser and warm water. In the event that utilizing a synthetically pretreated material, it would be ideal if you adhere to the guidance gave on the bundle. Never shower the water or cleanser straightforwardly on the TV set. It might dribble to the lower part of the screen or outside parts and enter the TV set, and may make harm the TV set.

  • Toshiba

Clean just with a dry material. Delicately wipe the screen surface (the TV screen) utilizing a dry, delicate material (cotton, wool, and so on) A hard material may harm the outside of the board. Dodge contact with liquor, more slender, benzene, acidic, or basic dissolvable cleaners, grating cleaners, or substance fabrics, which may harm the surface.


What an amazing agreement among the significant TV producers. Numerous new TVs transport with a delicate fabric to clean the screen. In the event that you’ve thrown/lost this material, it’s like what accompanies glasses and shades. These are the exacting and likely outrageous perspectives on the makers.

By far most of each proprietor’s manual is duplicated from different proprietors manuals. For instance, the sensitive idea of the front of a LCD screen is totally different from the glass front of a plasma. This isn’t to imply that you shouldn’t take alert in any case, however there are different choices.