Want to know what the coursium video app is all about?

And most especially, if it is worth your time?

In this post, I’ll do a comprehensive review of the Coursium Video App and completely break down everything it does so you’d know if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Not only that, I’ll also give you some useful tips and bonuses that will help you make the most out of this course app if you decide to get it.

So let’s get started.

Coursium review: What Is The Coursium Video App All About?

Technically speaking, the Coursium Video App is an app that enables you to create, host and sell online courses fast, and effortlessly.

However, in reality, it is far beyond that.

Not only is it a huge time saver, it is also a big money maker if you could get the most out of it.

If you’re a digital marketer, blogger and podcaster, you’d have realized by now that there are two major ways to make a full time living online. They are…

1. To promote other people’s products as an affiliate, or…

2. To promote your own digital product.

However, the truth is… creating your own course or product is easier said than done.

To create your own product, you first have to do the following…

=> Research Your Niche…

=> Know what might be a good fit for your target audience…

=> Create Your course outline…

=> Get a good digital camera or a good screen capture software…

=> Film your course content by recording yourself talking or recording your computer screen…

=> Convert the raw video files into web format that’s compatible with most browsers and mobile devices….

=> Upload the video files and store them online…

And this is where Coursium Video App comes in.

With Coursium Video App, you can do all of these things Faster and cheaper.

With Coursium, you can rapidly repurpose existing materials or create new materials to develop your own course or digital product and take it to market in less than 48 hours.

Coursium review: Why Is Coursium Video App Important, And Even Critical to Your Online Business?

If you want to grow your business to multiple 6 and 7 figures, you’ll definitely need to launch your own product at some point on your entrepreneurial journey.

And Coursium Video App makes it absolutely possible to launch your own course online without traditionally creating them.

With Coursium Video App, you can save a great deal of time by repurposing any blog post or video out there in the web and use them, or part of them in your course.

You also save a great deal of money by having one single piece of app or software that does everything you need…instead of purchasing multiple softwares to piecemeal everything.

When factored in, the combined price of these piecemeal software far outweighs that of Coursium Video App.

More exciting is the fact that unlike many software out there, Coursium Video App doesn’t require a monthly or yearly license renewal.

In other words, with Coursium Video App, you finally have one single software to handle your course and video creation needs, perhaps forever! Without the financial burden of having to renew it every single month, or year.

Coursium Review: Features of Coursium Course App

  • With Coursium, you can create video courses, sales letters, product review films, local marketing videos, and more.
  • The global e-learning and video-course market is expected to be worth billions of dollars.
  • Designing video courses is the quickest way to make money online, particularly during the epidemic when everyone is looking to learn new skills.
  • Create video e-learning courses in seconds with this easy-to-use and accessible software.
  • Start selling e-learning courses without having to create them!
  • You don’t have to be an expert to build a course. Copy and paste text from websites, or repurpose your old content for a new purpose!
  • By turning your blog piece into an institutional video to share on social media, you may repurpose your old video and make a brand-new film to publish and relinquish a new audience.
  • Start your own e-learning company today – it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.
  • Encourage local businesses to turn their skills into a video course that they can offer.
  • Top marketers employ e-learning programmes to increase their sales and close more deals.
  • Convert your ricks of worthless PLR into lucrative “Hand-Holding-Style” video courses that you can sell as your own and make money.

Coursium review: How It Works

Coursium works in a very simple way which is highlighted below…

Step 1: Login to your dashboard.

Step 2: Determine if your course would be a video course, audio course or text course.

Step 3: Click the video, audio or Training Guide tab depending on your preferred course format

Step 4: Add your course structure

Step 5: Type or Upload your course. If your course is a video or audio course, it could be uploaded directly from your phone or computer, youtube, or any url where your videos are hosted.

Step 6: Protect your course with a password if you don’t want unauthorized access to your course.

Step 7: Publish your course

Once you have successfully made the necessary changes and have successfully uploaded your videos, you can now post your course and get a unique URL in the online e-lerning platform.

Step 8: Promote and Analyze

Coursium Review: So How Does Coursium Video App Stack Up With The Competition?

Coursium Review: Reasons Why You Should Buy

1. It is Powered by AI

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and in today’s fast changing world, it could be the best friend of a marketer and online business owner.

However, there are very few, if not none of course creation softwares today that is powered by AI.

Many course software while helping, also make it difficult for most marketers to effectively use them because of the need to completely study and master each software.

2. It Comes With A Hosting Package

After creating their courses, most business owners have to shell out another money to pay for storage and hosting so their students could access the materials they paid for.

Some of these hosting and storage solutions charge course creators a monthly or yearly fee to use their platform to store their courses.

But such is not the case with Coursium Video App.

It comes with a hosting solution that makes it easy to upload and store your courses without any extra payment.

3. Ability to Import Videos From Google Drive, Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook And Others.

This is a huge time saver.

If you have videos hosted on Google Drive, Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo, Your Computer, or any publicly accessible URL, you can easily import those videos into Coursium to assist with your course creation.

Conversely, you can also upload finished courses from Coursium Video App into most of those platforms without breaking a sweat.

4. Easily Embed Your Video/Audio courses into Your website.

Just like YouTube, you can easily embed the courses you create with Coursium into any website youhave access to.

5. Easily Edit Your Video/Audio Courses on The Fly

Want to change part of your course content? You can do that on the fly with Coursium.

Want to add or remove a section from your Video or Audio file? Just click a few buttons and it’s done.

6. Full Data to Help You Market Your Courses

Want to know how many people signed up for your course? The data is available.

Want to know what they watched and how long they watched it? You also get such data.

Unlike other more expensive options out there, you don’t need to fly blind while creating and marketing your courses.

As a course creator, you’re given adequate analytics to make critical decisions regarding your business.

Coursium Review: Reasons to Avoid

1. This Video App May Be Addictive

If you’ve ever spent weeks or even months trying to create the perfect Video course, you may be pleasantly surprised by how easy the Coursium Video App has made the business of creating courses.

As a result, you may find yourself spending more time on the app, not out of frustration and unnecessary delays—but out of joy, happiness and the pleasure of catching fun.

2. This Video App May Send You Into Overdrive

Let’s be honest….

The temptation to create more courses may start surging through your body once you experience how easy creating an online course has become.

This temptation, when yielded to, may send you into a course creation frenzy, thereby leading to undesirable side effects such as fatigue, eye strain, neck stress and headache in cases of severe overdrive.

It is therefore recommended when purchasing this App that you have a balanced work ethic and not allow yourself to be carried away into a course creation frenzy.

Coursium review: Who Is This Course Creation App For?

This app is ideal and recommended for the following categories of people who want to grow their businesses and make more money online…

1. Digital Marketers

You’ve undoubtedly come across Video sales later as you browse through the web.

With this video app, you’re now equipped to create your own Videos–including video sales letters–for the marketing and selling of other product lines your business is into.

2. Bloggers

Not only will you be able to create courses from scratch with this Video App, you’ll also be able to create useful explained videos and embed them into your webpages for the purpose of educating your audience.

Not only will your audience find such actions valuable, it will also help to keep them longer on your site, thereby reducing your bounce rate, increasing your dwell time in the eyes of Google, and ultimately help to rank your site higher in the search engines.

This will have the ripple effect of bringing you more organic traffic that will further add more income to your bottom line.

3. Local Agencies

Coursium Video App has a commercial license that be used to create professional videos for your clients.

This will undoubtedly increase your bottom line as clients are known to pay handsomely for video creation.

4. Affiliate Marketers

It is a known fact in affiliate marketing that video reviews of a product converts better than texts.

With this video app, creating videos reviewing any product of your choice is now a breeze.

These videos can be hosted on the App’s native hosting platform, or hosted elsewhere for additional visibility.

With product videos now easily created, it is normal to start seeing consistent spike in your level of income.

Coursium review: Will This Video App Be Good For Your Audience?


And here’s 8 reasons why…

1. Your audience can easily pause, play, fast track and back track the videos created with this app and hosted on its native hosting platform.

2. Imported videos created with other means can also be easily played, paused, fast track and back tracked on this app.

3. The App employs Artificial Intelligence to transcribe videos and audios, and with the click a button, you can easily make them available to that segment of your audience that prefers reading text instead.

4. Your Audience can give you feedback by reacting with likes or loves regarding videos they seen.

5. Makes it easy for your audience to share videos on social media (if you enabled such option) for referral and viral traffic for your business.

6. Easy for your audience to download video if you want that.

7. Easy to password videos and audios if you don’t want your audience to download them.

8. Videos available in multiple languages (depending on your package) to reach a wider audience around the globe.


Coursium review: 42 More Reasons to Consider Getting This Video App

Here’s What you’re getting when you purchase this video app by clicking any of the purchase links on this page:

1. Four Amazing bonuses worth $10,000 to get more traffic, and grow your business online (Details In Next Section)…

2. Done-For-You courses that you can start selling today to recoup your money…

3 Create Up To 100 Videos For Your E-Learning Courses On Our High-Speed Servers

4. Create Videos up to 25min long

5. UNLIMITED Video Storage (Depending on your package)….

6. UNLIMITED Audio Storage (Depending on your package)….

7. UNLIMITED Bandwidth (Depending on your package)….

8. 100,000 Visitors monthly (Depending on your package)….

9. Unlimited Funnels to market your courses (Depending on your package)….

10. Each funnel could have Unlimited Pages (Depending on your package)….

11. UNLIMITED Player Languages

12. UNLIMITED Video/Audio Pages

13. Auto Language Detector
14. ​​​​​​​SPECIAL UPGRADE: UNLIMITED Password Protected Pages
15. Premium Support

16. Create Course Unlimited Pages To Sell & Host Your E-Learning

​​​​​​​17. Edit, Merge, Slice, And Repurpose Video/Audio Content
​​​​​​​18. AI-Powered Tagging Technology
19. Transcribe Video/Audio
20. Human-Like Text To Audio
21. Audio To Text Conversion
22. Custom Video/Audio Thumbnails
23. Categories For Video/Audio
24. ​​​​​Player Control And Customization
25. Embed Video/Audio Content On Any Website
26. Full Analytics
27. Video Content Can Be Made Downloadable Or Protected
28. Social Shares, Email Shares, Embeds
29. Viewers Can Give Reactions (Like, Love)
30. 35 Language Translations
31. 3 Languages Per Video/Audio Player

32. Commercial License (depending on your package)…
33. Done-For-You Lead magnets (depending on your package)…

34. Custom Domain Integration for One Domain (depending on your package)…
3​​5. 10 Team member accounts (depending on your package)…
36. Done-For-You Business Website (depending on your package)…
37. Custom PayPal Checkout Integration (depending on your package)…
38. Allow Business Clients to Schedule Appointments (depending on your package)…
39. All Website Pages Created with content (depending on your package)…
40. Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered (depending on your package)…
41. Add Business Clients Testimonial (depending on your package)…
42. Fast Action Bonus: Done-For-You Consultancy Pack


Plus 4 Additional Coursium Review Bonuses Worth $13,000+

See, I get it.

Creating a course is one thing, and Coursium Course app enables you do that quick and fast.

However, marketing the course and bringing people to buy it is another thing.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to support you with these exciting, traffic generation and business growth bonuses.

Coursium Review Bonus #1: Get your Product Featured on this site Indefinitely (Worth 5,000)

With this bonus, I’ll personally take 3 hours of my time to create a compelling post about your course and have it published on this site.

If you know me very well, I charge $1,000 for a one hour consultation.

With 3 hours of my time, that’s $3,000 that will be invested into the growth and success of your course/business.

Not only that…

If you’re to get a full post (above 1,000 words) published on this site the traditional way, it would cost you $800 for one week publication, or $3,000 for a full month publication.

And after the stipulated time, the post goes down.

However, with this bonus, you’ll have your post published on this site for unlimited period of time

This bonus on its own is easily worth over $6,000.

And it could be all yours.

Coursium Review Bonus #2: 1 Week Troubleshooting of Your Course/Funnels (Worth $7,000)

Ask any experienced marketer, and you’ll find out there are times when your course sales just don’t match up with your expectations.

And the reason why is because there exist some constraints in your sales process.

To locate and eliminate these constraints and Jack up your sales to the level you want, you’ll have to get an expert to Troubleshoot your entire sales processes from beginning to end.

However, if you get the Coursium Video App through any link on this page, you’ll get 1 full week of business troubleshooting from me, worth $7,000.

Coursium Review Bonus #3: Introduction to my JV Affiliate Network

Once you’ve gotten your process dialed in and your course is converting very well, you can now start scaling your business, fast.

And a Joint Venture/affiliate network is one sure place to get targetted traffic very quickly without spending a boatload of money on traffic or advert.

If you get Coursium, I’ll introduce you to my Joint Venture Affiliate Partners, provided it’sa good fit.

Not only will these people help promote your course on their website, they’ll also promote it to their email list of hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

This alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Coursium Review Bonus #4: 1 Month SEO Campaign For Evergreen Traffic and Income (Worth $500 Monthly)

And to put the icing on the cake, my team and I will help you execute a one-month SEO campaign to help your site and content get ranked higher in Google Search results for more keywords, thereby resulting in a steady flow of traffic and customers for your business.

How to Get Your Coursium Review Bonuses

Getting your bonuses is actually simple and can be achieved in just 2 steps.

Step 1. Click the button below or any other button on this site to purchase Coursium Course App.

Step 2. Once you’re done, email your receipt of purchase to Coursium@vincenzomicarelli.com and we will get in touch with you and schedule a time to start working with you to grow your business.

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