Table of Comparison


Name Features Where to Get
JIALIA Gym Sack Drawstring Backpack Brand: JIALIA

Size: 43*36cm

Material: Polyester

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ZJBLHEQ Cute Sloths and Tropical Palm Leaves Sports Drawstring Backpack Brand: ZJBLHEQ

Size: 36/14cm

Material: Polyester

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M-Plateau Mesh Sports Drawstring Bag Brand: M-Plateau

Size: 17.7*25.6inches

Material: Mesh

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LIVACASA Drawstrings Gym Backpacks Brand: LIVACASA

Size: 16.9/12.9inchess

Material: Polyester/Bright yarn

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WERNNSAI Mermaid Gym Drawstring Pack Brand: WERNNSAI

Size: 8.3*5.3inches

Material: Sequins & Polyester

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Geckobrands Waterproof 10L Drawstring Backpack Brand: Geckobrands

Size: 8*7inches

Material: Polyester & Polyurethane

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Nike Heritage Gymsack Drawstring Backpack and Gym Bag Brand: Nike

Size: 17*3inches

Material: Nylon

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Peicees Waterproof Drawstring Sport Bag Brand: Peicees

Size: 15.5*8.4inches

Material: Nylon

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Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack, Drawstring Backpack with Zipper Pocket Brand: Nike

Size: 11.81*11.81”

Material: Nylon

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adidas Unisex Classic 3S Sackpack Brand: adidas

Size: 5*5inches


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Drawstring bags have become a thing for packing for the gym in recent times. It is great because the drawstring bag is easily accessible- you simply pull the top of the bag open and pull the string to secure it. Drawstring backpacks have one compartment, making it easier to find whatever you are searching for. One great thing about drawstring bags is that because they cinch tightly at the top of the bag, it is secure while walking in crowdy areas, unless they are torn. Lastly, most drawstring bags are foldable and consume little space.

Today there are dozens of sizes of drawstring bags available, as well as different cord lengths. This can make it difficult to find the correct size you’ll need.

In this post, I have put together what you should consider when buying a drawstring bag for the gym.



The first thing you’ll want to do is estimate the size of the largest product you want to put into your drawstring backpack. As a general rule, you want to add at least 0.5 inches up to 2.0 inches larger in size than the largest items you want to carry. This will give you enough room to pack your things in without feeling constricted. Do this for both the length and width of the bag.



Drawstring bags can be made of any number of materials. It all depends on what you want to use them for and how long you want to use them.

They could be made of cotton, burlap, mesh, nylon, polyester and canvas. Each of these materials have their pros and cons. Cotton could be stretchy but it is thin; burlap is eco-friendly and durable but not water resistant; mesh is lightweight but  may not keep your stuff dry; nylon is resistant to stains but not biodegradable; polyester is light but tend to retain odors; while canvas is easier to customize, but is stiff.


  1. JIALIA Gym Sack Drawstring Backpack

The JIALIA gym drawstring bag is a 100% polyester easily washable, recyclable and durable bag. You can store your stuff easily and take the out easily as well.

It is convenient to carry and suitable for variety of occasions including: Gym, Sport, Yoga, Dance, Travel, Carry-On, Luggage, Camping, Hiking, Team Work, Training and More!


Pros Cons
Perfect for gift
Pocket friendly

2. ZJBLHEQ Cute Sloths and Tropical Palm Leaves Sports Drawstring Backpack

The ZJBLHEQ is durable and lightweight, washable and reusable. It folds compact and does not occupy space, thus convenient and practical to carry around.

Made of high-quality polyester materials, it is lightweight and strong. The black polyester cloth fixed on the back is also resistant to dirt and has a sense of fashion brought by the contrast. The braided drawstring is durable and not easy to fall off.

This foldable portable backpack has dimensions 43 cm/16.9 inches in length and 36 cm/14.1 inches in width, and suitable for most adults.

It’s perfect for gym, sport, yoga, dance, travel, carry-on, luggage, camping, hiking, team work, training and more! Lightweight and foldable for convenient space saving storage.


Pros Cons
Large capacity
Super light
You could choose from various colors

3. M-Plateau Mesh Sports Drawstring Bag

The M-Plateau swim mesh drawstring bag is made of High-Density from mesh.

This Gym mesh bag is perfect for everyone because has an adjustable strap length can fit both adults and teens. Cross body shoulder design can free up your hands, and wide shoulder straps prevent digging into your shoulders and help reduce your shoulder burden. Very comfortable to carry.

The breakthrough innovated side opening is to help getting out the items with ease. Instead of taking off the bag, opening the bag to take out the stuff, all you have to do is slide the bag to the side and remove the item form the side of the mesh bag.

This bag is big enough for everything you need. The drawstring design makes it easy to close and keep everything secure. The mesh bag lightweight about 50g. it can be folded to small size that takes little space in your hang bag, drawer, luggage case when not using it. This mesh bag was made of great mesh and oxford fabric, tough and durable. The bottom is mesh and reinforced with nylon to enhance loading capacity. The strap is flexible and can be adjusted.


Pros Cons
Large capacity- can contain your props for gym Nylon fabric for pocket isn’t as durable as the bag itself
Strong zippers
Lightweight but sturdy

4. LIVACASA Drawstrings Gym Backpacks

The LIVACASA drawstring backpack for women is made of waterproof, soft oxford, polyester, easy to clean, water resistant. The fabric is blended with bright yarn for a more beautiful look.

The drawstring backpack waterproof 13×16.9 inches, protect and organize your equipment when heading for the gym.

Its straps are adjustable, thick and soft at the same time, allowing you to avoid shoulder pain. It is easy to adjust the actual size of the bag, easy to carry

The gym sack includes interior fabric with zip pocket for placing your belongings, key, credit card, sports watch, wallet, cell phone, gloves, earphones or private items to prevent pickpockets in any public place, or damage inside.

It is not only a drawstring backpack for sports, but also a casual messenger bag if you adjust the snap to make it, just as showed as above photos, even it can be used as a handbags as your needs, so it is suitable for training, running, yoga, swimming, camping, hiking, physical education classes


Pros Cons
Straps are versatile
Water resistant
Thicker straps

5. WERNNSAI Mermaid Gym Drawstring Pack

The princess with this sequins bag set will be sure to draw eyes of other people, wherever they are, will attract the attention of the public, making them the focus of attention.

An ideal gift fir birthday, this backpack is perfect for school, cosmetic, shopping, swimming lesson, camping, dance, sports, yoga, picnic, hiking, travel, and of course, gym.

It has glitter sequins surface and durable oxford lining. It has convenient inner pocket inside the backpack that can store mobile phones, keys and other small items. The adjustable drawstring bag is sturdy and comfortable, practical and fashionable.


Pros Cons
Great for gifting Beautiful, but sequins fall off easily

6.Geckobrands Waterproof 10L Drawstring Backpack

The Geckobrands drawstring backpack is the perfect backpack for rain or other light water activities, such as the beach, pool, boating or out in the snow. The waterproof material keeps all your gear dry and protected while you’re out and about.

The pack weighs just 0.4 lbs and is made with 210D ripstop polyester with an interior polyurethane coating to keep the weight light while protecting what’s inside from outside elements.

It collapses easily, takes up very little space and packs like a shirt in your luggage. It has easy-to-adjust and comfortable ¼” drawcords. Use the included chest clip to keep the cords locked in place and on your shoulders.

You can use the interior 8” x 7” zip pocket to store and have easy access to smaller necessities such as your keys, wallet, or phone.


Pros Cons
Has chest slip Not waterproof
Large capacity- holds a lot Stiff
Strong material

7. Nike Heritage Gymsack Drawstring Backpack and Gym Bag

With a drawcord closure and side zip pocket, Nike Heritage Gymsack offers secure, easy-access storage for your small-item gear.

It is a durable fabric bag made of 400D nylon fabric, and features a durable, heavyweight design so you can keep your gear handy to and from practice

You have ample storage as this drawstring backpack has main compartment with drawcord closure for easy access provides plenty of spacious storage for carrying your gear.

This carryall gym sack provides easy storage while on-the-go.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and durable
Great quality
Pocket friendly

8. Peicees Waterproof Drawstring Sport Bag

The Peicees gym backpack is unisex and fit for multiple activities, like swimming, walking, day trips, camping, sports practices, overnight stays, vacation, travel, yoga, running, shopping, jogging, gym sports or school PE lesson. It can carry basketball, soccer/football, tennis racket, wrestling gears, boxing gloves, volleyball, yoga mat, crossfit accessories, golf balls, paintball, etc.

Use this drawstring bag for Football Game (Football, sneakers, uniform, water bottle); Swim (Towel, toiletries, and a swimsuit); The school (Books, pencil box, water bottle); Picnic (Pad, snack, water bottle); Dance (Shoes, leotard, snacks); Gymnastics (Warm-ups, hair ties & brush); Marching Band (Music folder, snacks, cell phone, money, water bottle, hats, and gloves); Cross Country (Tennis shoes, jersey, water bottle, phone); Ballroom Dance (Shoes, mints); Mountain Biking (Gloves, race plates, snacks, sunscreen, cowbells, water bottle, shoes, helmet hooks onto the outside strap).

It is simply versatile!

Much More Convenient and Lightweight than using a bulky backpack!


With rainproof, water resistant and water repellent fabric, you will never find your things dripping wet in your bag. The materials are made of strong and sturdy nylon, not easy to be scratched or torn. All your things inside will be protected very well.

Its wide, adjustable and sturdy shoulder straps make this gym string backpack more comfortable and durable. The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted, making you no worry about hanging low or high on your back. You will not feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time.

You have 1 main compartment for carrying your workout equipment, sports gear, clothing, shoes, towel, laptop, school books, daily supplies, etc. I Inside Zipper Pocket, 1 Front Zipper Pocket and 1 Back Zipper Pocket give you perfect classification for your items like phone, keys, ID cards, makeups, wallets, etc.

Drill Nylon material make it not easy to lose the color and keep an active look. Comes with strong and sturdy zipper, double sewed, double high quality. Plating metal on shoulder straps give you perfect adjustable length and years of use.


Pros Cons
The attachment at the back makes it peculiar
Adjustable straps
Wear and tear resistant

9. Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack, Drawstring Backpack with Zipper Pocket

The Nike drawstring bag features a minimal, lightweight design with an open top so you can throw in your workout gear and go.

With a drawcord closure and zippered front pocket, the Nike Brasilia gym backpack offers secure, easy-access storage for your gear. The drawstring backpack helps keep your gear secure and close to your body.

This drawstring bag is designed with a reinforced bottom to protect your gear against bumps and scrapes.

The secure chord closure at the top of this Nike bag provides quick interior access to store your gear. It also has an easy access exterior zip pocket that keeps small items and valuables close and secure.

The drawstring sports bag has cinch chords that double as comfortable and lightweight shoulder straps.


Pros Cons
Lightweight A pain to clean
Front pocket is handy
Has side pockets for water bottles

10.adidas Unisex Classic 3S Sackpack

The beauty of this drawstring backpack is its lifetime warranty.

The adidas unisex drawstring backpack has a zippered patch pocket to stash your small stuff, and a hidden zippered pocket with soft lining for your phone and sunglasses.

Pros Cons
Lifetime warranty
Has hidden pockets


Thank you for reading to the end. I am sure that you have been equipped to make a great buying decision that suits your needs and feelings.


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