Buying Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Get
Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede Island Brand: Airhead

Capacity: 6 persons

Dimensions: 23.4*10.2*18.6’’

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Summer Waves Inflatable 6 Person Float Island Brand: Summer Waves

Capacity: 6 persons

Dimensions: 114*102*25’’

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Airhead Inflatable Islands Brand: Airhead

Capacity: 4-6 persons

Dimensions: 135*127’’

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Member’s Mark Inflatable Tropical Tahiti Floating Island Brand: Member’s Mark

Capacity: 6 persons


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WOW World of Watersports Tube A Rama Floating Island Brand: WOW Sports

Capacity: 10 persons

Dimensions: 24*17*7’’

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WOW Watersports Sports Parthenon Island Brand: WOW Sports

Capacity: 6-8 persons

Dimensions: 11*11ft

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Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze III Inflatable 8-Person Floating Island Brand: Bestway


Dimensions: 24.5*17.62*10.87’’

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Dimensions: 135*23*127’’

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Tobin Sports Pacific Lounge Island Brand: Tobin

Capacity: 4 persons

Dimensions: 22.8*15.4*11’’

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Intex 57272EP Adult 5 Seat Inflatable Tropical Island Brand: Intex

Capacity: 5 persons

Dimensions: 24*17*7’’

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Having fun, lounging, and cooling off is just something that is indispensable especially in the summer. An inflatable island is one good way to achieve all of these and even more. An inflatable island’s sister would be an inflatable dock, or a pool float lounger -for a solo or couples lounging.

If you are in the market for an addition to your summer and water relaxation gear, we have made good research and brought together 10 great inflatable floating islands for you to make a good buying decision.


1. Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede Island

Looking for a cool way to lounge with your friends on the water in style? Well, look no further and start enjoying the Airhead Cool Suede Island! Building on the success of the cool suede material with it’s velvety suede-like feel and never sticky, the island is a great way to enjoy a day on the water while keeping cool. Large enough for a small party while giving everyone their own space. So grab some friends, snacks and drinks and set sail on your own comfortable island! Designed for up to 6. 107 in. x 88 in. Deflated



Spacious sun deck for lounging and sitting

Comfort mesh seating and lounging area

Six drink holders

Recessed storage compartment

Convenient boarding platform for easy boarding

Molded handles for transporting

2 Strategically placed tie down points for anchoring

Heavy gauge PVC construction with RF welded seams

6 Person capacity

Pros Cons
Easy to inflate Fragile seams
Nice material

2. Summer Waves Inflatable 6 Person Float Island

Call your friends over to join you in the pool on the Summer Waves 6-Person Party Pad. This durably constructed inflatable island features 6 pillow backrests to keep you comfortable while you socialize, 6 cup holders so your friends and family can stay refreshed all day long, and efficient valves for easy setup. Party all day long with this unforgettable pool pad.

It is quick and easy to inflate and deflate, and comes with repair patch.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design Cheap material
Pocket friendly

3. Airhead Inflatable Islands

This Airhead inflatable island features molded rope holders to attach a rope or anchor and 3 spacious sun decks with comfortable backrests with patented speed safety valve

Made of rugged, heavy-gauge vinyl, it features six molded drink holders and three built-in coolers to make it the ultimate festive float

The three sloped boarding platforms will invite friends to climb on board from the water with ease

Fill and attach the anchor bag to one of the three molded tether points to help keep you in place

Pros Cons
Moderate size- not big, not small

4. Member’s Mark Inflatable Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

Whether you want to ride, play or lounge, this mega-sized Tahiti Island Float is right for you. It’s large enough for the whole family-kids and adults will enjoy fun in the sun together. The Tahiti float includes an inflated rear swim platform with six handles for easy mounting and dismounting, eight cup holders and a built-in cooler. Inflatable seats with backrests provide comfortable seating for plenty of friends to hang out.

Made of heavy-duty PVC for durability, this inflatable floating island has a quick release safety valve and 2 built-in coolers.

Pros Cons
Well-built A bit pricey
Sturdy Cupholder is 2 for a 6 capacity floating island
Has 2 built-in cupholders

5. WOW World of Watersports Tube A Rama Floating Island

It’s party time with the HUGE island from WOW World of Watersports. Fun for the kids and adults, the colorful Red, White, and Blue graphic design will be sure to draw attention and get your party started.


Huge 12-foot diameter island is great for parties at the lake

Room for up to 10 people, this island was designed with 8 tubes around the diameter, 4 with mesh and 4 without for added play value

A large mesh central deck for relaxing in as well

Has 2 large BUILT-IN coolers for keeping your favorite beverages cold on a hot day

Comes with 8 recessed cup holders

Made from 100% Heavy-Duty PVC material

WOW World of Watersports is a water sports and leisure brand focused on bringing fun, unique, and high-quality products to the marketplace every year.

Pros Cons
Lots of fun with 10 people capacity
Easy to blow up
Has 2 built-in cupholders
Comes with anchor bag

6. WOW Watersports Sports Parthenon Island

There’s no better way to relax in style and comfort than in your own Greek Spa. Float down a river or lake like the gods and goddesses of an earlier time in the Parthenon Canopy Spa Island. A place where you can take in the outdoor surroundings, enjoy the company of friends and even listen to a couple tunes or two.

The Parthenon is an inflatable, fully shaded floating island that is easy to assemble and navigate, as well as tie off to any pier or buoy off the coast because it comes equipped with a large grommet and an anchor bag. Relax and chill under the shade or take a dip in the water as you please. Feel like a god or goddess for the day on the Parthenon Canopy Spa Island and let your worries fade away.

The Parthenon Island is ideal for 6-8 riders and features high backrests to recline and relax. This 6–8-person float comes fully covered with mesh canopy for shade. Float down a river or lake in the sun with Canopy Spa Island.

Parthenon Island is made with high quality marine-grade material for durability, strength, and longevity out on the lake. It features a boarding platform for easy entry.

This giant inflatable features 8 cup holders for the riders to safely place their drinks while on the lake float. The inflatable also has a large central cooling hole to relax your feet in the water.

Inflatable outdoor lounger is fast and easy to inflate and deflate; Grommets with rope for tying off the inflatable; Anchor bag included. Dimensions Inflated: 11 ft. x 11ft; 3.35m x 3.35m.

Pros Cons
Thick material & durable A bit pricey
Holds air well

7. Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze III Inflatable 8-Person Floating Island

Enjoy a day with family or friends, out floating on the water with the CoolerZTM Tropical Breeze III. Along with a giant island, you also get two detachable lounges. Hook them to the island to keep them close, or take them out solo to lounge in the sun.

The Tropical Breeze III has extra wide pillow backrests and six cup holders, so each person can keep their drinks close by. There is also a removable canopy for shade from the sun’s rays. Along with a climb cushion to help people get on and off, there are also grab ropes on both ends. Whether you’re relaxing in the shade or basking in the sun, the CoolerZ Tropical Breeze III is the ultimate giant island!

Pros Cons
Comes with anchor bag A bit pricey


SPORTSSTUFF’S NEPTUNE ISLAND seats from 1-6 persons and makes for the perfect floating lounge for social interaction. There are 3 built in coolers with six molded PVC cup holders and a comfortable reinforced mesh bottom surface to keep you cool while you’re relaxing.

Made of durable K80 PVC construction. It features molded handles and 6 molded cup holders; contains a central mesh opening and 3 boarding platforms.

Has the peed safety valve for easy inflating and deflating

Pros Cons
Nice design
Comes with 3 coolers
Has 6 built-in cupholders

9. Tobin Sports Pacific Lounge Island

Relax on the water and have fun in the sun on the Pacific Lounge Island. With the comfortable lounge area and a sun tanning deck, this giant island is large enough for 4 people to lay out on the water. Plus, you’ll each get your own cup holder!

There’s a climb cushion to make getting on and off super easy. The Pacific Island features Inflata-Shield puncture-resistant material for durability all summer long. Inflation and deflation are easy using the interlocking quick release valves. So, grab your crew and head out for a fantastic day on the water!

This floating island has curved back rest for maximum comfort, includes 4 built in cupholders, and the climb cushion to easily get on and off of the raft.

Comes with anchor bag and rope.

Pros Cons
Has backrest Does not come with pump
Pocket friendly

10. Intex 57272EP Adult 5 Seat Inflatable Tropical Island

Load up your family and friends on the Intex Blue Tropical Island Floating Raft and prepare to have a totally tubular day on the lake. Your pals will love cracking open a few cold drinks on this raft as you float on the water. They can store their drinks in the cup holders, or even in the built-in cooler if they want them to stay extra chill! Plus, if they can stay cool without even getting in the water thanks to the mesh floor netting. Float out and relax for the day with the Intex Blue Tropical Island Floating Raft.

Includes 3 backrests for comfortable lounging, mesh netting to allow some water in the floor to cool feet on hot days, 4 durable grab handles for climbing back aboard, cupholders, built-in cooler and drink holders.

Pros Cons
Big A bit pricey
Sturdy No handles
Easy to inflate Takes time to air out
Durable & rugged


Enjoy a fun-filled summer with friends and family in your inflatable floating island.

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