Table of Comparison

Name Features Where to Get
SOWLAND Ski Boots Backpack Brand: SOWLAND

Material: Nylon

Dimensions: 6.3*4.72*0.79 ”

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Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack Brand: VITCHELO

Material: Vinyl Tarpaulin

Dimensions: 26.77*12.6*7.08”

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High Sierra Ski/Snowboard Boot Bag Backpack Brand: High Sierra

Material: Denier Duralite (600)

Dimensions: 13.5*16*16”

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IceMule Pro Cooler Backpack Brand: IceMule

Material: Flat-knit

Dimensions: 19*9.5*8.5”

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Athalon Everything Boot Bag/Backpack Brand: Athalon

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 21*16*16”

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KULKEA Boot Trekker, Ski Boot Backpack Brand: Kulkea

Material: Nylon, Polyester & Tarpaulin

Dimensions: 18*14*18”

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RAVOINCC Ski Boot Bag Snowboard Boots Backpack Brand: Ravoincc

Material: 1000D Nylon

Dimensions: 13*12.5*19”

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Unigear Ski Boot Bag Brand: Unigear

Material: Tarpaulin & Nylon (1050)

Dimensions: 11.8*12.6*19.7”

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Thule RoundTrip Ski and Snowboard Boot Backpack Brand: Thule

Material: Tarpaulin


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Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag Brand: Transpack

Material: Polyester(600D)

Dimensions: 20.6*14.7*2.7”

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Here are the important features to look out for in a ski boot travel case:



A water resistant (if we can’t get water proof) bag is always preferred when choosing a boot bag. This is because of the snowy climes and even rain. It is also necessary to go for a padded boot bag- for checking on air travel, and a durable material since ski gears can be heavy.




A boot bag with separate compartments and a few pockets is the real deal. This allows for proper organization and time saving looking for little things like keys. Also, a separate compartment for boots allows your dirty boots to breathe without getting your other stuff dirty or smelly. You can decide to go for padded pockets as they help protect your phone and goggles.



Unless you want to go for a boot bag for only boots, your boot bag should have ample space for a helmet, jacket, gloves and goggles, etc. however, the down side of this is that it may be quite large.


Travel by air: Ski and boot bags for air travel that need to be checked in have to conform to specific airline rules, and if you’re traveling with skis too you may have to pay for an extra bag for your clothes or your other gear. Some airlines don’t allow you to pack your skis with anything else and they must be carried in a separate bag. That’s why you must check on your airline’s website for exact allowances.

If you’re going to fly and need to check the bag in, then it’s best to get a bag with hideaway straps, so that they don’t catch in the conveyor belt and rip away.




Extras: A nice-to-have but not compulsory feature is a changing mat for you to stand on while you change out of your wet ski boots and into your regular footwear. This is often a zip up panel on the back of the bag that doubles as the boot compartment’s lid.



Lockable zippers should be a thing if you will be checking in your boot bag.



Types of Ski Boot Bags

Trapezoidal Ski boot and helmet backpack:  

Most ski boot backpacks are trapezoidal bags, as they are about as wide as they are tall to accommodate the boots and other bulky gear and to keep the pack balanced on your back. The best way to carry ski boots is to pack each one in separate compartments on either side of the main compartment where you store your jacket, gloves and helmet. This way the boots won’t dig into your back. Make sure that the straps are padded and adjustable.


Short people enjoy this bag a lot more since you don’t have to stack bulky items one on top of another, making the bag too tall for comfort.


Tall stacked ski boot backpack:

 Because most trapezoidal bags don’t conform to airline carry on dimensions, the tall stacked ski boot backpack can be an option. Smaller versions of this bag may not have space for helmets, but you can simply attach a helmet to the outside of the boot bag.



Ski boot bag with wheels: The truth is that not everyone can carry such bulky gear on their backs or shoulders. A rolling boot bag is what you need if you simply want to roll your bag along while checking in, or moving from one place to another.


Heated boot bag: This is the ultimate luxury. This kind includes an inbuilt controller with a mechanism to keep your boots warm inside the bag until you’re ready to wear them.


You could also consider duffel bags that are waterproof or rolling duffles that come with a drop bottom to separate gear from clothes.


Now that you know what kind of boot bags are available and their various features, let’s get to our ski boot bag reviews.



  1. SOWLAND Ski Boots Backpack

When it comes to skiing, a functional ski bag is essential. Sowland Ski Boot Bags is one of the most popular bags on the market. It is small and portable, easy to use in various travel scenes, adjustable strap, reflective sign can help you. It must be great to take him on a winter ski trip.


All Sowland backpacks have zippers, storage space for ski boots, a top section for helmets, jackets or clothing, and front pockets for gloves, keys and other gadgets. Adjustable belts and braces are used to hold the backpack in place, and personal postcards on the side can be used to record personal information for distinguishing.

Its waterproof nylon cloth is suitable for snowy days, and has reflective signs to prevent accidents. It is perfect to carry all your gear.

While it is small sized, it is easy to carry, you can put into it your ski accessories, ski boots, helmet, gloves, goggles.

Has adjustable strap and belt, easy to fix on the body or suitcase rod, backpack side postcards used to fill in personal information to prevent loss, to provide convenience for travel.


Pros Cons
Small, but holds all your gear  

  1. Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

The VITCHELO 30L wet dry bag backpack prides itself to safeguard your essentials on water sports, kayaking, hiking, camping and of course, skiing. Made of vinyl tarpaulin with a sturdy welded seam, its solid roll-top closure system provides secured watertight seal and holds longer than most brands. This means greater protection for your electronics, gears and belongings.

Besides a high-frequency welded construction, this Deluxe 30L dry sack waterproof backpack features an elasticated front webbing and mesh netting pockets on both sides for extra storage, a reinforced one-handed strap to give your shoulders a well-deserved break, chest & waist straps securing the bag and limiting side movements, breathable shoulder strap allowing for more ventilation, padded back to prevent back strain, all to maximize your comfort.

It floats, is sand proof, lightweight, easy fold up to a compact size, and fit as a carry-on bag on an airplane. The Vitchelo dry bag waterproof will protect and keep your adventure gear, electronics, clothes & essentials dry, bringing you peace of mind.


It’s suitable for adults, thought kids can also use it after folding it to a suitable size.


Carry from the top grip handle or comfortably using shoulder straps as a backpack. The shoulder straps & back have webbed material for breath-ability and for cushioning. There is a waist strap too for extra support. There is an added bonus of webbed pouches on the side that could carry water bottles.

A corded exterior at the front for gear allows you to carry stuff that you don’t mind getting wet.

A touch-friendly waterproof phone pouch which is IPX8 rated waterproof phone case which can detect your fingerprints and fits most handheld gadgets.


Pros Cons
Really waterproof Has strong chemical smell
Padded shoulder straps No waist strap
Tarpaulin is really tear resistant  

  1. High Sierra Ski/Snowboard Boot Bag Backpack

If you’re looking for a better way to bring your ski gear with you, look no further than this handy ski boot backpack, the most practical choice in ski travel bag

The High Sierra ski boot bag backpack is made with a 600 Denier Duralite material and a Diamond Ripstop which features a water-resistant coating that helps keep your gear dry from unwelcome rain showers

Featuring a large main compartment with U-shaped opening to hold gear and 2 zippered side compartments with ventilation grommets for holding boots up to size 13, you won’t worry about losing space for all your gear in this ski trapezoid bag

With the ski equipment backpack, there’ll be no struggle to carry your items up your ski resort as this ski boot backpack comes with adjustable padded backpack straps and a convenient webbing grab handle for easy carrying

As an added feature, this ski gear backpack comes with compression straps that adjusts the size of the bag and secures access to the pockets; these straps also reinforce and eases the way the bag adjusts to achieve the desired size


Pros Cons
Large space Not padded
beautiful No pockets

  1. IceMule Pro Cooler Backpack

The IceMule backpack’s accessible roll-top design opens wide, letting you load up and find what you’re looking for easily; Front bungee straps are great for storing accessories or attaching a Pro Pack (sold separately); Fully collapsible cooler rolls to store easily on the way to your destination or when not in use.

With the Icemule cooler, the included carry straps let you carry your cooler with ease comfortably on your back. This hands-free design lets you transport your cooler and any other gear that your adventure requires. Welded seams and zipper-less closure means no leaks making this a waterproof backpack that floats right alongside you. Whether you’re caught in some messy weather or out on your paddleboard, your goods will be dry and your cooler won’t be lost at sea.

Skip the zipper and easily access your goods with Icemule’s roll-top design. The roll-top design has many benefits including waterproof storage, a wide opening for easy access and more storage space, and buoyancy when you take it with you on the water.



Pros Cons
Holds ice Not too strong straps
Large space  

  1. Athalon Everything Boot Bag/Backpack

Athalon Everything Boot backpack features zippered, ventilated side pockets for boots, a center section for a jacket, helmet, or clothing. It is a comfortable backpack that keeps you organized. It also includes reinforced hidden backpack straps, four padded lumbar back pads for comfort, and versatile top and front carry handles

Expanding section for helmet, waterproof bottom, top and front carry handles are the nice features of this boot bag.

The Athalon Everything boot pack offers space for just about all your ski gear save your skis themselves. The bag is outfitted with a large main compartment with separate side-entry zippered boot sections, making it easy to slip your boots inside after a long day on the slopes.

You also have plenty of room for other items thanks to the large expandable pocket, which can hold a ski helmet or jacket, and the bungee cords on the front for maps, goggles, and other accessories. Perhaps the most convenient feature for frequent skiers, however, is the pair of hidden, reinforced backpack straps, which make it easy to carry the boot pack to and from the parking lot. Other features include a waterproof tarp along the bottom to keep the bag and its contents from getting wet; a vented boot section with bottom drainage grommets; clips in each pocket for gloves, keys, and other small items; a front MP3 player pocket with an exterior earphone port; top and front carrying handles; matte chrome hardware; and a contoured shape that fits your boots perfectly.

 Lined with reflective piping to improve visibility on poorly lit days, the boot pack carries Athalon’s five-year warranty.


Pros Cons
Large enough to hold all your ski gears, even if you wear a large boot Strong smell
  Strip not too strong
  Will not fit into overhead compartment of the plane if packed full

  1. KULKEA Boot Trekker, Ski Boot Backpack

Technically designed, large premium ski boot backpack for alpine ski boots, helmet and gear. The Kulkea ski boot backpack is highly compartmentalized and technically featured for organization and maximum preparedness and carrying with ease. Built to last with super-durable, water-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon, YKK zippers, ITW buckles and an adjustable hiking grade support system.

KULKEA launched in 2009 to bring skiers, mountain bikers, hikers, adventure seekers the backpacks needed to fully enjoy doing what they love. Their products are built from materials that withstand the rigors of athletes in extreme conditions. We manufacture with impeccable workmanship in a socially ethical manner.

Its features include: 2 large side Boot Pockets with ventilation, large top loading Central Compartment, Pack Release for easy removal, Deployable Helmet Sling, & water-resistant Tarpaulin bottom with drainage grommets.


Pros Cons
Top-notch construction Boot section is not padded
Enough room for your gears, t-shirts, jeans and underwear Top compartment for helmet is small
Extra zippered storage for lunch  
Padded waist strap  

  1. RAVOINCC Ski Boot Bag Snowboard Boots Backpack

The Ravoincc ski boot bag is made with durable 1000D nylon water-resistant outer shell for long-term use in sking. It is dust-resistant, shockproof, lightweight, and durable. The bottom of the bag is made of waterproof and low temperature resistant material, so there is no need to worry about being saturated by snow.

The 50L backpack suitable for any size of ski boots. There are 3 separate storage spaces 1 big compartment for boots, top compartment for helmet and a front compartment for goggles, gloves, jacket other ski gear. Fully packed the bag measures 13 in x 12.5 x 19.

Designed with 2 reinforced carrier handle straps and adjustable shoulder strap and chest strap suitable for easy use when traveling. Reflective material on the back can enhance the recognition at night.

The padded sides and back panel can protect the internal equipment while increasing the comfort during use and reducing the overall weight-bearing feeling.

This is on boot backpack you should consider.

Additional Features:

Travel friendly

Night reflection

Soft padded Water-resistant


Pros Cons
Accommodates all your ski gears  
Plenty of room  

  1. Unigear Ski Boot Bag

Unigear ski boot bag features a thoughtful design, which can go a long way toward making the prospect of getting your gear to the slopes as simple and stress-free as possible. Possessing 50 liters of storage capacity, it’s big enough to store boots, helmets, goggles, clothing, valuables, and more. If you have a lot of equipment to store and transport, this bag will surely get the job done.

Its strong exterior fabrics use a combination of tarpaulin and 1050D nylon, giving the ski boot bag durable and waterproof qualities that will keep it thriving for long time use. Well-padded ski boot bag backpack can protect your fragile items. The bottom of the bag is fully lined with waterproof and low temperature resistant tarpaulin, no worries about snow will soak through.

Three individual compartments and some pockets will stay your gear organized. Easily attach skis and snowboard by using external adjustable webbing. Easy to change boots in any place and keep your feet dry by flipping down back-panel door for using as a standing mat.

Possessing a EVA padded mesh back panel, it can keep the boots from jabbing you in the back. The padded backpack straps with adjustable system never dig into the shoulders and it manages to stay put against your back regardless of how much you’re moving around, allowing the ski boot bag to be taken from place to place with general ease.


Pros Cons
Has external adjustable webbing  
Large room  
Very smooth zippers  

  1. Thule RoundTrip Ski and Snowboard Boot Backpack

Thule ski boot bags and snowboard boot bags provide extra protection and an easier journey when you’re heading off to the slopes. The Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack is designed to store and transport boots, a helmet, goggles, gloves, outerwear and all necessities for a day or skiing of snowboarding.

The rear-loading compartment provides the perfect storage for ski boots. The back-panel door flips down and doubles as a standing mat, giving you the freedom to conveniently change in and out boots anywhere – from a parking lot to the base of the mountain – while keeping your feet dry. The protective compartment stores goggles, sunglasses, a phone or any small fragile gear.

2-way access into the Snowsports bag allows you to efficiently pack and locate gear on the go. Easily attach and carry skis or a snowboard directly onto the backpack with external lash webbing. You can also connect the ski boot backpack to any Thule RoundTrip Ski or Snowboard Bag or Roller to create a seamless all-in-1 solution for mountain trips.

This is a true premium ski and snowboard boot bag.


Pros Cons
Very large Structure collapses when boots are removed
Spacious side pockets  
Multiple handles  
Safe zones for fragile stuff  
Lockable zippers  

  1. Transpack XT1 Ski Boot Bag

The Transpack XT1 Isosceles ski boot bag utilizes the Isosceles Storage System to carry your boots to the mountain and includes an internal zippered pocket for personal items, zippered mesh side pockets, and a top lid pocket.

It is water resistant, and made with 600 denier polyester; and has a closed cell foam padded back.

Adjustable neoprene padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap help make it comfortable to carry.


Pros Cons
Holds all your gears A bit pricey




Having gone through what you should look out for in a ski boot bag/backpack, I’m sure you are ready to make a good buying decision.

Happy buying!

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