Table of Comparison


Name Features Where to Get
GLHEL Ski Helmet and Snow Sports Helmet

Brand: GLHEL

Material: ABS/EPS

Vents: YES

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VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet


Material: ABS/EPS

Vents: YES

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Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet


Material: ABS/EPS

Vents: YES

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TurboSke Ski Helmet


Material: EPS

Vents: YES

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Retrospec Traverse H3 Adult Ski & Snowboard Helmet with 10 Vents


Material: ABS/EPS

Vents: YES

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Anon Women’s Greta Multi-Season Helmet with Removable Ear Pads

Brand: ANON

Material: FIBERS

Vents: YES

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Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet


Material: EPS

Vents: YES

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Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set


Material: EPS

Vents: YES

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Bolle Instinct Soft Ski Helmet Brand: BOLEE

Material: ABS/EPS

Vents: YES

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AKASO Ski Helmet Brand: AKASO

Material: ABS/EPS

Vents: YES

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As running shoes are different from skiing boots, so is a bike helmet different from a ski/snow helmet. It has specific features such as ear coverage, moisture-wicking liners and temperature sensitive materials.

Its shell, which is the outer layer of the helmet, is a rigid surface (typically ABS high-impact plastic) helps to protect the head against sharp objects, knocks and abrasions, as well as helps to spread impact energy over a larger portion of the helmet during a fall.

The inner liner is typically made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, the material that looks like Styrofoam. It is designed to absorb impact. In a hard fall, the liner foam can get compressed, a condition that you may or may not be able to discern, and is usually destroyed and should be replaced after a serious fall.


Ski / Snowboard helmets are either constructed as in-mold helmets that have the shock-absorbing foam attached to the shell in a single molding process; or the injection-molded helmets that have the EPS foam bonded to a separate shell usually made of high impact ABS plastic. These are more durable compared to the in-mold helmets, but the in-mold helmets are more sleek and lighter in weight.

Ear Pads

Some helmets have detachable ear pads and liners for adjustable warmth.



Ski Helmet Sizing and Fitting

Ski helmets should feel snug but not tight. When you rock you head back and forth and the helmet rocks and shifts with you, then it’s probably too loose, although you could adjust the sizing mechanism or use thicker sizing pads.

You can get your correct size by measuring your head using a tape measure positioned above the ears and about 1’’ above your eyebrows around the largest part of your head. Then look at the sizing at the chart on the helmet packaging to find your size.

There should be no gap between the top of your goggles and the helmet. Make sure the helmet fits snugly to the top of the goggles, but not so low that it hinders vision or pushes down the goggles.

The helmet should be positioned low enough in the front to protect your forehead. It should sit level with its front edge no more than 1″ above the eyebrows. Finally, check to make sure there are no gaps between your head and the helmet lining.



The chinstrap strap should fit snugly but loose enough for you to be able to chew food without feeling choked or pinched. It needs to fit back against the throat to reduce the chance it will come off when it is impacted.


Vents bring cool air in and warm, sweaty air out. Some helmets have removable plugs, which means you need to take your helmet off to adjust the airflow. More desirable are helmets with adjustable vents. With the push of a lever you can instantly fine-tune your airflow level and not interrupt your ride.


Detachable ear pads and drop liners let you customize how much warmth you need. Removable liners can be washed, which is nice after a bomber day on the mountain.

Camera Mount:

Some helmets have the camera mount accessory

Audio: Some helmets come with built-in speakers that let you listen to your MP3 player, cell phone or 2-way radio. For others, just add ear buds and you’re ready to rock.



Goggles compatibility:

Most helmets allow for direct attachment of your goggles, but they accomplish this in several ways.  You’d have to read the helmet’s instructions to find out.



  1. GLHEL Ski Helmet and Snow Sports Helmet

While the GLHEL Helmet is one great helmet for skiing, it has also proven to be a helmet for all seasons with its unyielding ABS shell exterior, firm shock-absorbent EPS interior and 15 vents for ultimate temperature regulation. This helmet includes goggle clip to keep eyewear attached.

It has the adjustable fit dial system making sure your helmet is snug and secure on your head. Also, its straps are adjustable with removable ear muffs and padded chin straps that are designed for fit. The stylish ear muff design allow sound transmission, which make sure rapid communication of accurate information with each other, bring more fun with family and friends in snow sports.

Its lining is comfortable and interchangeable; and the inner padding of thickened long fleece is super warmful to wear in all skiing day. The interchangeable pads is light-weight and washable, and easy to clean for warm water washing.


Pros Cons
Remarkable auto-adjustment function
Comes with summer and winter kit


2. VELAZZIO Valiant Ski Helmet

A combination of premium EPS foam (made in USA) and high-impact ABS shell that provides more durable protection against everyday knocks, abrasions and falls makes the VELAZZIO ski helmet a favorite.

The dial-button at the back customizes your fit and adjustable climate control offers all day comfort regardless of weather conditions. Plush-padded fleece lining is easily removable to wash and free of sweat or unpleasant odor.

Earphone space is designed within the ear pads so you can enjoy your favorite music while shredding the mountain (earphones NOT included).

The goggle loop on the back snaps down to hold your goggles not going anywhere even during a worst fall.

It is lightweight and won’t add any burden to your head.


Pros Cons
Vents can be shut Adjustment knob is a little hard to turn
Removable ear pads A little heavy
Well-padded chin pad
Thick ear cushion to shut out the cold

3.Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski & Snowboard Helmet

The Retrospec Ski helmet is one fine helmet for the young chap (youths). It is made of a durable ABS hard exterior that protects against any bumps and bruises while the EPS foam interior absorbs any shock of impact that may occur ensuring your little one is well protected.

ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial provides a custom and secure fit while providing you with knowledge that your little lad’s helmet was designed with their wellbeing in mind.

Plush earmuffs provide comfort and warmth while the adjustable padded Chinstrap helps to provide a perfectly snug fit while eliminating any annoying chin chaffing.

Along with the helmet is a durable rear goggle clip to keep your little rider’s goggles safe and secure while they make their way down the mountain.

The liner and ear muffs are removable. Thus, easy to wash and free of sweat or unpleasant odor. When assembled, they provide extra cushion and keep you warm on cold days.

You can control climate with its adjustable vent on top slides to change how much heat you let out, depending on the weather.

With the turn of a dial, you get even, fine-tuning adjustability to make sure your helmet fit as snuggly and comfortably as possible.


Pros Cons
Beautiful Ear muffs are tight and not adjustable
Adjustable vents Only 1 size

4. TurboSke Ski Helmet

The TurboSke helmet fully complies with USA ASTM F-2040 safety standards for helmets used in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and other snow sports etc.

Instead of the ‘old school’ way of bolting or gluing a shell to the inner foam protection layer, this helmet fuses the outer shell with the impact-absorbing EPS liner, it makes helmets lighter, more durable and better ventilated.

Ventilation system is designed to promote airflow, not only through the entire space of the helmet but also to the goggles. Air can come up through the bottom of the goggles, flow up through the holes in the top of the goggles and into ventilation holes in the brim of the helmet, and then be exhausted out the back or top of the helmet. This not only keeps you cool, but also keeps goggles fog-free.

This helmet is audio ready. Earpad is designed with an audio storage slot, comparable with all aftermarket helmet audio systems. Want to listen to your favorite tunes while enjoying an afternoon on the mountaintop slopes? Put your drop-in speakers in the ear pads and enjoy!

Size adjustment dial gives you a snug fit always, no matter what your head shape is. Premium design removable padding not only comfortable but also supportive, it will still be comfortable after hours wear on. The inner fleece Lining and ear pads are removable. Removable Lining can be washed, which is nice after a bomber day on the mountain. Ear pads are removable and you can wear the helmet with them in cold weather, and without them in warm weather or for wearing beanies.


Pros Cons
Lightweight Not rain proof
Warm and soft padding

5.Retrospec Traverse H3 Adult Ski & Snowboard Helmet with 10 Vents

The Retrospec Traverse H3 helmet is the perfect blend of versatility and protection. This lightweight helmet Includes certified ABS exterior and an EPS interior to keep you safe.

10 vents: 6 on top and 2 located in the front and back, are designed to regulate temperature by generating maximum airflow. Fresh air rushes in and pushes out stuffy, goggle fogging air to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. This is particularly effective when pairing your traverse helmet with traverse goggles.

The front of the helmet is designed to accommodate ski goggles and includes a clip on the back to secure them. The inside is lined with a fleece netted cap to wick away moisture and keep you warm.

The earmuffs are warm, and protective. This helmet Includes an exceptional custom fit Made possible by the adjustable dial located on the rear of the helmet. With a simple turn clockwise to tighten, and counter clockwise to loosen, this helmet is designed to fit safely and securely on any rider.

The chinstrap is also adjustable and has a super soft cushion to prevent chaffing. These features make the H3 one of the safest, most comfortable helmets on the market No matter your choice of active Sport. Along with the removable earmuffs, you can remove the fleece netted cap, and install foam padding included with the helmet to easily convert from snow/Ski to skate/bike to fit your active sports helmet needs All year round.


Pros Cons
Great for your money Truly round helmet. Will not fit into some heads
Excellent build quality

6. Anon Women’s Greta Multi-Season Helmet with Removable Ear Pads

The Greta helmet features Endura-Shell construction for long-lasting durability and strength. The classic skate-inspired design is multi-season certified in North America and Europe for on and off-snow protection, and features venting throughout to keep goggles clear and maximize comfort all day long. The classic fleece on the liner and removable ear pads offers optimal warmth and quick-drying comfort. Removable ear pads and liner make it easy to comfortably wear a beanie or goggle straps underneath the helmet while maintaining a low-profile look. And the removable goggle clip keeps goggle strap locked in place on the back of the helmet.

Pros Cons
Pocket friendly Goggle clip comes off easily

7. Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

While you have many ski and snowboard helmets that are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable, the Wildhorn Drift ski helmet is meticulously designed to offer the best ergonomic fit and protection on the market so you’ll shred the slopes in comfort and style rather than looking like a dashboard bobble head.

The Drift snow helmet creates a perfect balance of lightweight streamlined design with unmatched fit & comfort. The Drift is available in three varied sizes and features a patented FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) system that offers micro adjustments for the perfect fit. A little advice: if you are near the largest measurement for any given size, please size up.

The Drift ski & snowboard helmet is made using advanced manufacturing techniques with composite foam technology. The result is one of the highest performance, lightest weight helmets on the market. Meets ASTM F2040 standards.

Everyone hates a sweaty head. Drift ski helmets feature Wildhorn’s VNT technology- a patented adjustable temperature control ventilation system. It uses a combination of both direct and indirect airflow and fully adaptable vents to provide temperature climate control for your noggin. Simply slide the vents open to cool off and slide them close when you get chilly.

The Drift’s ultra-plush interior liner provides maximum comfort and insulation. This along with premium lightweight construction results in one of the highest performance, lightest weight helmets on the market.

With a quick turn of the integrated FTA wheel, you can quickly dial in a perfect customized fit because of the Fine Tune Adjustment (FTA) system that offers micro adjustments for the perfect fit without having to remove the helmet.

The Drift’s super comfy ear pads are also structured for audio system compatibility! Simply drop in your helmet audio and get ready to shred the slopes while grooving to your favorite tunes.


Pros Cons
It is solid and sturdy Round shape
Very warm
Very pocket friendly

8. Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set

The Odoland ski helmet effectively provides complete protection to your head. You will have great fun when skiing, skating, snowboarding, or doing other snow sports!

Luckily, it comes with goggles. The helmet and the goggles are made of premium material. They all meet safety certification. The helmet is shockproof and penetration resistant. Neither the helmet nor the goggles will remove around, effectively protecting your head from getting hurt or injured.

Built with 12 air vent holes for great ventilation. The goggles with Flow-Tech Venting Design not only reduces fogging but also optimizes the flow of air over the inside of the lens. Reasonable designed ventilation holes protect you from freezing wind and blurred fogging vision. Both helmet and goggles perfectly fit well!

The helmet has detachable lining, removable earmuff and soft chin band for warm wearing. The goggles also have easy-adjustable band. You can adjust the bands for perfect fit and ultra-comfort. Both of them are easy to adjust, put on and take off. They are light-weight, you will have less pressure to your head.

With the turn of a dial, you get even, fine tuning adjustability to make sure your helmet fit as snuggly and comfortably as possible. It’s lightweight, fast, secure, and can be adjusted on-the-fly.


Pros Cons
Very warm
Comes with goggles
Less fog

9. Bolle Instinct Soft Ski Helmet

Bollé helmets and goggles are acknowledged for advanced technologies and comfort: always serving protection for athletes and improving performance. From materials to finish, no detail has been left to chance and each product has been developed to deliver comfort and quality in all circumstances.

Bollé helmets with the AViD liner technology use a combination of different EPS densities and/or optimization of the ventilation channels to virtually decrease the density in the top area. The result is a lighter, more ventilated helmet with progressive shock absorption that will absorb a wider range of impacts

In-Mold construction molds the foam liner into a thin polycarbonate shell, creating lightweight and efficient protection for your head.

The Boa Fit System delivers a connected, fast, customized and durable fit, purpose-built for performance. Boa’s patented system consists in three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace, and low friction lace guides and is backed by the Boa fit-system.


Pros Cons
Very comfortable
Great at keeping warm
Adjustable vents

10.AKASO Ski Helmet

The AKASO ski helmet is safety certified. It is lightweight and durable with a construction that fuses the helmets outer shell to the impact-absorbing EPS liner (EPS foam is made in the USA).

Since the helmet has adjustable vent on top slides you change how much heat you let out.

Also, the goggles Loop on the helmet gives you the ability to keep your goggles in place while skiing or snowboarding on the slopes

Detachable fleece liner & ear pads let you customize how much warmth you need. They can be washed easily and sweat & odor free.

With the adjustable dial on the back of helmet you can be sure that your helmet fit as snuggly and comfortably as possible.


Pros Cons
Lightweight Has loose ear flap
Adjustable vents
Has adjusting knobs to loosen or tighten helmets



If you read to the end of this post, I am sure that you are very ready to make a buying decision for your ski helmet.

You can simply click on any of these great ski helmets with confidence that it will deliver great results.

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