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Name Features Where to Get
KingCamp Camping Cot Brand: KingCamp

Capacity: 440lbs

Dimensions:  82*30*15’’

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Coastrail Outdoor Camping Cot Brand: Coastrail

Capacity: 450lbs

Dimensions:  75*28*19.3’’

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PORTAL Folding Portable Camping Cot Brand: PORTAL

Capacity: 300pounds

Dimensions:  83*3.5*19’’

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TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot Brand: TETON SPORTS

Capacity: 600pounds

Dimensions:  85.75*41*19.25’’

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Helinox Portable Camping Cot Brand: Helinox

Capacity: 320pounds

Dimensions:  75*27*6.5’’

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ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Camping Cot Brand: ALPS Mountaineering

Capacity: 250lbs

Dimensions:  74*30*7.5’’

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Dimensions:  74.8*25.98*6.29-15.35’’ (Adjustable height)

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Zone Tech Folding Outdoor Camping Cot Brand: ZONETECH

Capacity: 300lbs

Dimensions:  74.8*26.5*15’’

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Coleman ComfortSmart Camping Cot Brand: Coleman

Capacity: 300lbs

Dimensions:  80*30*15’’

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Coleman Trailhead Camping Cot Brand: Coleman

Capacity: 300pounds

Dimensions:  73*35*17’’

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When it comes to comfort while outdoors for adventure, there are three types of people. The first set of people want to be home away from home, and so they go for air mattresses. The second set of people price their sleep more precious than the comfort from an air mattress and can’t afford to be waking up at night to blow air into a deflating air mattress, so they prefer camping cots.

The third category are special beings. The combine the sturdiness and comfort of both an air mattress, camping cot, sleeping bags and even sleeping pads. If you allow them, a blanket will follow this provision. I tend to fall under this category every time I don’t have to carry them all by myself. We all like to go light if our adventure gears will have to be carried in  camping backpacks.

In this post, we have put together 10 great camping cots for youths that you can put money on. And you know what? These camp cots are both sturdy and comfortable. You won’t wake up with body and neck pains. While many adults find these selections suitable for them as well, you can check out camping cots for adults as well. But for now:

Follow me!

1. KingCamp Camping Cot

The KingCamp extra-large camping cot is wider than most camp cot so you have plenty of room to spread out and relax. This large cot folds up for easy storage and transport; Only 45″ x 9″ x 7″ after folded which is portable and light enough to be carried like a small luggage on a trip

Extra thick 1200D Jacquard Oxford fabric enhance the bearing capacity and the flat plastic feet prevent the cot from sinking in soft soils or puncturing the tent floor. Aluminum frame and triangle structure design strengthens the cot bed and provides stability.

This travel cot takes the comfort of a bed to the outdoors; elevated headrest ensures comfort with or without a pillow. With a ground lift of approximately 15 inches, give you a more secure sleep experience

This camp cot comes with a side storage bag so everything is within reach. Store smartphones, magazine, keys and other personal items. Enjoy your next adventure with this foldable cot. You can trust KingCamp Camping Cot to deliver.

Pros Cons
Sturdy It is heavy
Works on uneven ground
Easy to set up and pack

2. Coastrail Outdoor Camping Cot

Designed for comfort! The elevated headrest on this navy and gray camping cot is designed to give you a better rest. The detachable headrest pillow has straps to keep it in place. No More Morning Back, Neck or Shoulder Ache!

Unique oval tube frame design, adds to the camp cot’s greater stability and weight capacity. The navy and gray fabric is made from a durable outdoor-quality 600D oxford polyester that easily wipes clean. The included carrying bag has a shoulder strap.

The top and bottom of this sleeping cot are fitted with elastic straps, so that you can use a pad/air mattress. The Coastrail Outdoor Camping Cot can be set up in 3 simple steps: open straps, open ends & press down. Enjoy your next adventure with this comfortable cot

Pros Cons
Sturdy frame and material Pillow is thin
It has elastic strap to hold pad
Comes with pillow

3. PORTAL Folding Portable Camping Cot

This Camp Cot folds out to 83 X 30.5 X 19-inches, and will hold up to 300 pounds. The strong steel frame will make sure you’ll always have a great place to sleep, read, and relax, indoor and outdoor, season after season. It can be quickly set up or fold up, and stored into a carry bag. This Camp folding bed is featured with extra-wide and length design that provides ample resting room.

It is easy to transport with its compact folding size, and portable carry bag with handle. It can easily fit into your camping trunks and is easy to carrying to camping ground.

Its high-quality powder coated steel frame will last for years.

This cot is easy to set up, and best quality parts were applied in every detail to make sure you enjoy your camping trip with no worries. All you do when you arrive at camping spot is open the buckle, stretch the bed and enjoy!

Pros Cons
Comfortable & compact A bit heavy
Amazing in hot environment

4. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

Take the comfort of a bed to the outdoors when you choose the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot. This portable sleep system means you’re free from dealing with rocks and other uneven surfaces while trying to sleep. And you deserve a good night’s sleep when you’re camping so you can wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s adventures.

For a cot setup that seems like child’s play, choose the “Outfitter with Pivot Arm” in the selector box. Its patented pivot arm is a built-in lever that makes putting the last end bar into place quick and easy. It does all the work for you so the fourth corner is as easy as the first. Remember to choose the pivot arm cot for this great feature!

Both cots are equal in quality and larger than a twin mattress! Made with a 600D Oxford canvas bed and patented steel S-leg assembly can hold up to 600 pounds (272 kg). Add the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad to your purchase for a 5-star camping experience.

The Outfitter has a quick and easy setup. The pivot arm does all the work to give you a tight comfortable sleeping surface.

Longer and wider than a twin bed so you have plenty of room to spread out and relax. Cot folds up for easy storage and transport.

The all-steel S-leg design strengthens the cot. Innovative rubber bushings absorb shock and add firm support.

Pros Cons
Roomy Carry bag has no zippers
Comes with carry bag

5. Helinox Portable Camping Cot

The Helinox Cot One Camping Cot provides a comfortable, yet compact, portable sleep solution for any adventure. Its innovative lever-locking system supports up to 320 pounds without sagging, providing excellent surface tension, while suspending sleepers 6.5 inches from the ground.

The legs and frame are made from proprietary aluminum alloy, to create maximum weight savings without skimping on comfort. Setup is fast and easy thanks to a single internal bungee cord that self-assembles the legs.

Lightweight and collapsible, the cot packs down to a tight cylinder in its included stuff sack for easy transport. The Helinox Cot One is available in two sizes: the Regular measures 27×75 inches, 6.5×21.5 inches packed, and weighs 5.4 pounds; the Long measures 27×82.5 inches, 6.5×23 inches packed, and weighs 6.6 pounds. Both sizes have a height of 6.5 inches (adjustable leg extensions—sold separately—can raise the cot to a height of 15 inches).

Pros Cons
Comfortable A bit pricey
Easy to set up
Lightweight- you can backpack
Compact when packed

6. ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Camping Cot

The ALPS is a household name when it comes to gears for your adventures. This camping cot from ALPS has a steel frame that is extremely durable and will be sure to provide a long-lasting use. It is made of 600D Polyester fabric offering ultimate comfort and stability.

Our Lightweight Cot is perfect when you’re sleeping on-the-go and space is limited but you still want comfort. Dimensions: 74″ L x 30″ W x 7. 5″ H, Weight: 9 lbs. 5 oz. , Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Carry bag is included for easy transport and storage

Pros Cons
Comfortable A bit difficult to set up
Compact when broken down Shape of leg makes it difficult to get it back into its bag

7. DESERT WALKER Camping Cot

Adopting unique double-track side seam technology, long-term use will not deform the bed surface. You will use the DESTER WALKER camping bed. More assured and more durable.

This camping cot comes with a storage bag for you to use when traveling. Whether you put it in a backpack or in the trunk of a car, you would hold it with one hand. It is very convenient to take out. Both would be easily carried. The height of this camping bed can also be adjusted. You would experience two different beds and adjust the height yourself.

The durable 7075 aviation aluminum rod material steel tube has a stable structural design and can withstand a weight of 440 pounds. The bed is firm and does not collapse easily. When camping, you can sleep well and relieve the fatigue of the day.

The cot is made of durable double-sided Oxford, waterproof on the back, easy to clean-cool, soft, breathable, waterproof, easy to clean when exposed to sand, mud, rain or other factors. Adopting unique double-track side seam technology, long-term use will not deform the bed surface. You will use the DESTER WALKER camping bed. More assured and more durable.

Pros Cons
Stable A bit pricey
Great size
Easy to assemble
Fabric is easy to clean

8. Zone Tech Folding Outdoor Camping Cot

Be perfectly Relaxed during travel times or on any outdoor activities that you and your family enjoy with Zone Tech Outdoor Travel Cot. This Portable cot is best for Outdoor activities such as camping, relaxing on the beach, or even plain road trips whenever you want to relax for a moment before continuing your journey. Unlike other sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses, this travel cot is specially designed to cater to your Comfort.

The Zone Tech travel cot is smartly designed to withstand weight capacity of 300lbs. Structured with thicker elliptical shape tubes on its legs for stability. It is constructed in a double Layer of 600D Polyester for durability and high resistance to any liquid. Built with large pocket on the side for storing your phone and any handy items. Also comes with matching pillow to cradle your head and neck.

The Zone Tech travel cot is big enough for a single adult person to move freely when using or 2 small children similar to a twin size bunk bed.

The Zone Tech travel cot is best for outdoor activities such as camping, relaxing on the beach, or even plain road trips when you want to relax for a moment before continuing your journey.

This camp cot is foldable and can be easily set up in seconds. Comes with travel bag for easy storage and carrying. Convenient for rest and transport.

Pros Cons
Sturdy A bit pricey
Compact when folded

9. Coleman ComfortSmart Camping Cot

The Coleman camping cot offers superior comfort with its this foam and durable steel frame. Coleman is another name to reckon with when it comes to gears for outdoor adventures.

This camp cot is foldable and can fit into most car trunks. Its max height is 6ft by 6 inches, and it can take up to 300lbs.

Coleman offers 1 year warranty for this camping cot.

Pros Cons
Easy to set up
Nice length for the tall guys

10. Coleman Trailhead Camping Cot

Another great one from Coleman. This camp cot offers elevated comfort, eliminating the discomfort of sleeping on rough or cold ground.

Built to last due to its high-quality fabric and steel frame. You are sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep with this camp cot. It can take up to 300 pounds, and accommodate a max height of 6ft by 2 inch.

Pros Cons
Durable Takes up space
Pocket friendly Has sharp edges
Long & wide


Whatever your choice of usage: in a camping shelter, or under the natural shelter of the skies, you can enjoy a painless sleep after a long day of trekking, climbing, fishing, cooking/gaming, etc.

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